Things You Must Know About Atlantiss Gold

Here are some World of Warcraft tips that have helped many beginner gamers and they can help you too!

Get Advice From Other Gamers: If you have friends that have already been playing WOW, they can give you some tips to help you get to the next level fast. Leveling up basically depends on how you spend your play time, so spend it well. A player should discard any advice in this guide that he does not find useful, and for ongoing discussions as well as usually helpful people, the official World of Warcraft maintained by Blizzard is also a good place to start. Do you want to learn more?

-GOLD: One suggestion for increasing your gold is to start picking up everything you possibly can. Even if you dont really want it, it’s worth something so you might as well grab it. Always get the largest bags you can for each slot. Be sure to fill them up each time you go out and sell all the trash to the vendors. It doesn’t seem like much on some items, but it all adds up fast.

Gather Professions Early On: It may not seem important early on, but the sooner you get your professions the faster you can start earning gold.

-Mobs: Every time a Mob drops ANYTHING pick it up, you can sell it to a vendor even if it looks like junk. When fighting different mobs throughout your travels in Azeroth try to kill monsters whose level is yellow to you.

-New Quests: When you join a party always make sure you set up looting rules BEFORE you start the quest. Quests can be done solo unless specified as group or dungeon.

-Priests: Priest in World of Warcraft are a very group friendly class, because everybody wants a healer. To get a healer you should ask polity in the LFG or General Channel or use the LFG interface.

Strategy Guides: There are several excellent leveling; gold; profession; etc. strategy guides available online. They usually are inexpensive and some you can even download instantly on your computer. Find one that offers you what your interested in learning, believe me the added fun and excitement is worth the investment. Have fun!